How To Conduct the Perfect Panel Interview

Panel interviews are a great way to save time during the hiring process: the advantage of having multiple interviewers is that you can gain multiple perspectives on candidates in one meeting, as well as probe further into the knowledge of each applicant. Furthermore, they reduce the influence of first impressions therefore you can make a more informed decision on each… Read More ›

Staying Connected With Your Perfect Candidate

After a long and expensive process trying to find the best candidate for your role, you’ve finally found someone who is perfect and they’ve accepted – phew! However, many hiring managers make the fatal mistake of ceasing communication after their offer has been accepted and before the candidate’s start date. This enables their current employer and your competitors to snap… Read More ›

How To Train Interviewers

Providing a good candidate experience is crucial to the success of your recruitment process (you can find out how to improve yours here). Despite this, many companies take little care to train their staff in the art of interviewing, which can have a damaging effect on the hires they make. Therefore, to ensure you’re employing the best candidates for your… Read More ›

Offering Work Experience – Benefits for Employers and Candidates

You may already welcome in work experience candidates, but for many companies it’s something they have not previously considered. However, there are a lot of benefits to be reaped for the company as well as the candidates, making it an option well worth considering. Meet Potential New Hires If you’re looking to take on fresh new talent with lots of… Read More ›

Recruiting Talented Individuals

Ever since Google displayed their test on a billboard in Silicon Valley to attract the best engineers in the world to their vacancy, companies have begun to consider alternative methods of recruitment. Traditionally, if an applicant went to a top university and had received the top grades, they would automatically be placed on the ‘yes’ pile. Nowadays, employers are recognising… Read More ›

How to Spot CV Fraud

  Everyone wants to look good on their CV, and with competition in the job market remaining fierce, some people are turning to desperate measures in order to impress employers. In 2012 it was discovered that one in five jobseekers had lied on their CV, which is a disheartening for employers who are having a hard enough job already finding… Read More ›

The Recipe For The Perfect Job Advert

A job ad is much like a recipe in several ways. You need to include all the ingredients for it to work, it takes time and effort to make and the results can turn out differently each time. The importance of a good advert can’t be underestimated. It becomes the ambassador for your company and does the most leg work… Read More ›

Branded vs Non-Branded Recruitment – Which is More Effective?

No doubt your company has put a lot of time and effort into building a solid brand that reflects the voice of the company, as well as its values and services. When it comes to recruitment however, a lot of HR teams are at loggerheads as to whether running branded or non-branded recruitment is the best route to go down.… Read More ›

Combatting High Turnover in Sales Positions

It’s a well-known fact that sales has some of the highest levels of staff turnover. There are many reasons for this, and many recruiters and HR managers accept it as part of the sector they are recruiting for. But what measures can you take to combat turnover while you are making new hires? Sales staff are most likely to stay… Read More ›

How to Improve Your Careers Website

Are you struggling to attract the talent you need to help your business flourish? Well creating or improving your careers website can add significant value to your recruitment process. By using it to display information about your company, its vision and ethics, as well as the roles you have to offer and their requirements, you will provide jobseekers with a… Read More ›