The Advantages of Video Interviews

For your recruitment strategy to succeed, it needs to continuously develop so your company is always in the best position to attract and secure talent. Technological advances have had an enormous effect on the modern hiring process and one beneficial aspect of this is the video interview. Introducing this form of interview into the first stages of your hiring process… Read More ›

Recruitment Awards Season is Upon Us

Exciting news! It seems that award season is upon us. While we’re still waiting to receive our Oscar nominations (presumably lost in the post) we have been nominated for some of the biggest and shiniest recruitment awards around. . Such an achievement is definitely worth shouting from the rooftops, so here’s what we’re in the running for and why. Marketing… Read More ›

Have You Considered Trial Periods?

Hiring a candidate on a temporary basis in order to assess their skills is a great way to avoid high turnover as you’re less likely to be stuck with employees who end up being unsuitable for the job. As long as the trial period (usually ninety days) is clear to the prospective employee, paid and they receive the same rights… Read More ›

4 Tips for Recruiting via Social Media

The incredible increase in active users on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook means that hiring managers can no longer ignore the importance of using them during the recruitment process. Unfortunately, you cannot simply rely on talented candidates happening to come across your opportunities. Instead, you need to actively search for the talent you need as well… Read More ›

Sales Teams – Why Should You Increase Yours?

A common difficulty shared among HR managers and recruitment teams up and down the UK is the difficulty in finding experienced and talented sales professionals. In fact, sales representatives and sales managers both appeared in the top 10 jobs that employers are having trouble filling in 2014 so far in a survey conducted by manpower. However, knowing the hurdles ahead… Read More ›

Why You Should Be Hiring Apprentices

Traditionally, apprenticeships were only offered in trade professions, but now many industries are able to offer this option of further education. A recent study revealed that higher apprentices generate 27% more revenue to the Exchequer than graduates from ‘new universities’ (those founded after 1992), therefore they’re certainly worth investing in. As well as providing employees with the skills and knowledge… Read More ›

Call Centre Recruitment – The Biggest Challenges

With over one million UK people employed in call centres, the industry is as busy and bustling as ever. Subsequently, lots of employees require lots of HR and lots of recruitment. This throws up a lot of issues specific to the call centre industry that require a little more attention from hiring managers. As call centre recruitment experts, we thought… Read More ›

Hire For Potential Not Just Employment History

It seems that employers everywhere have become obsessed with discovering candidates who have had experience in the exact role or industry associated with their vacancy. Unfortunately, if you’re too busy searching for someone with the perfect employment history, you will miss out on plenty of worthy candidates who have great potential. To ensure you don’t overlook applicants who have the… Read More ›