Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

To find the right candidates for your vacancies you must tailor your questions to each role in order to determine whether your interviewees possess the appropriate skills and knowledge. However, there’s a selection of questions that can be used across the board to discover the talent you require. Here are five interview questions we believe you should be asking to… Read More ›

Hiring Older Workers – What are the Benefits?

In July 2014 the government announced changes to legislation to help those over fifty to stay in work or if necessary to re-enter a profession. Many leave work too early which often leaves them in financial difficulty, as well as affecting the economy and society as a whole. So why is it important for you to hire older workers and… Read More ›

Creating Attractive Job Ads for the Right Candidate

With the volume of both applications and job postings continuously increasing in today’s job market, it’s vital that your job advert not only stands out from the crowd, but actually attracts the right candidates to your role. As well as appealing to the most suitable jobseekers for your vacancy, your job ad also needs to dissuade those who are unsuitable,… Read More ›

How can Technology help improve Recruitment Strategies?

It’s always a good idea to update your recruitment strategy so you are constantly finding the best talent, as well as making the process easier and more efficient for both your candidates and staff.  With technology constantly being used by jobseekers, it’s important to both understand and utilise it to your advantage so you have a better chance of attracting… Read More ›

The Importance of Background Checks

It’s important to have a good idea of who you’re hiring, not just on a qualification level but on a safety level too. There may be certain elements of a candidate’s character/personality you need to be made aware of in order to ascertain their level of risk to the company. Failing to check an applicant’s background can lead to your… Read More ›

Utilising Mobile Recruitment

With many jobseekers now using their mobile devices to search and apply for jobs, it’s time that recruiters came to understand how to leverage this form of technology in their search for great candidates. By introducing mobile recruitment into your hiring process, you can keep up with your competitors and make sure you’re in the running for securing the best… Read More ›

Foster Care Recruitment – Finding the ideal Family for a Child in Need

When it comes to finding foster carers, there are many different techniques and methods to use compared to recruiting for traditional roles.  As specialist foster care recruiters, the process we use is a carefully thought out and tried and tested one, providing high levels of suitable candidates and allowing candidates to be sourced far and wide. So how does it… Read More ›

Top Tips for Attracting Talent to Your Small Business

We’re sure it’s not breaking news for SMEs that big businesses have many advantages when it comes to winning over talent in the recruitment war. But don’t be disheartened! Small businesses can put up a good fight to claim the talented individuals they require; your recruitment strategy just needs to focus on achieving this goal. Here are eRecruit Solutions’ top… Read More ›

Living Life in the Fast Lane – Why Slow Recruitment Won’t Get You Far

There are a whole host of reasons why a quick recruitment process is important. From maintaining candidate interest to reducing costs, the benefits of a speedy and efficient recruitment process are plentiful. Here are our top reasons on why good timekeeping is so important. Securing Talent After receiving the response from your vacancy, it’s important you pick up the interested… Read More ›