Sales Recruitment: What’s the key to success?

This year has been significant in terms of development in the sales sector, with advancements in technology causing sales roles to interlink more and more with those in web marketing. Businesses who are looking to achieve great success will need to ensure these two departments work closely together, thus changes may need to be made to your recruitment strategy in… Read More ›

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring

No doubt you will be quick to spot mistakes made by your candidates in order to screen them effectively, but what about assessing your own actions? To find the best employees for your business you need to make sure your recruitment strategy is as strong as it can be, which involves avoiding some of the most common mistakes made by… Read More ›

How To Better Assess Cultural Fit

Choosing candidates who best fit with your company’s culture is essential to making successful hires and reducing turnover. Unfortunately, assessing cultural fit isn’t always an easy task, particularly when a group of interviewers all have contrasting opinions about a candidate. So how can you adjust your recruitment strategy in order to find candidates who will fit in well with your… Read More ›

Why You Should Hire Social Media Savvy Staff

While a lot of us are full on board, some companies are still yet to harness the power of social media. There are many reasons for this, but a lot of it comes down to know-how. Whether you’re thinking of hiring a social media executive, or just staff that can take on some social media duties, here are some reasons… Read More ›

What Can Hobbies Reveal About a Candidate?

While a lot of recruiters look at the bare bones of a CV – qualifications and previous roles – there’s a lot to be said about taking a closer look at the extra bits and pieces. Reading between the lines can reveal a lot more about the personality of the candidate – something which is often hard to decide from… Read More ›