How to Run a Successful Internship Programme

Setting up an effective internship programme is a great way to ensure you make successful hires as you can assess a candidate’s suitability for your company during their placement. Furthermore, you can gain a good reputation as an organisation who is dedicated to providing an interesting and useful experience for jobseekers, which will help attract top talent to your business.… Read More ›

How to Attract Talented Millennials to Your Business

Employers are finding it difficult to attract millennials – those born between 1980 and 2000 – as these prospective employees appear to have different demands than those which preceded them. Many see them as being unprepared for work and requiring constant recognition. However in reality, they are highly competitive, ambitious and have a vast knowledge of technology that could be… Read More ›

The Importance of Hiring Innovative Employees

To ensure you’re hiring the best talent out there for your business, you need to stop focusing solely on experience and qualifications and instead consider those who are able go beyond the call of duty. The problem is, although assessing a candidate’s ability to fit in with your company culture is important, if hiring managers rely too heavily on this… Read More ›

What to Look for When Hiring Sales Managers

Sales managers are incredibly important to the success of your business as they are responsible for leading and evolving the team, as well as keeping a good level of morale and setting a good example. Therefore when it comes to recruiting sales managers, you need to give yourself the best possible chance of securing the right candidate for the job. Industry… Read More ›