How to Find the Perfect Calibre Candidate Online

When it comes to recruiting, one factor champions above all others – calibre. If the candidates aren’t suitable for the vacancy, then it’s all a waste of time. So what methods can recruiters put into place to ensure they find the right calibre candidates? Great Job Ads It’s important to get into the mindset of the jobseeker and ascertain what… Read More ›

Are You Doing Enough to Encourage Women to Work For You?

A recent campaign, set up by the Department for Work and Pensions, called #notjustforboys, is leading the way in encouraging women to make career decisions that are right for them. This includes getting them involved in industries that are traditionally seen as male only. The campaign encourages workplaces to positively encourage more women into industries where they are underrepresented by… Read More ›

Is the CV Dead to You?

CVs have for a long time provided the shop window for a candidate that helps recruiters decide if it’s worth going inside or not. But these days, we rely on far more on the humble CV before we decide to take an application much further. So what other methods are being relied upon other than, or as well as the… Read More ›

Five Ways to Approach Passive Candidates

With unemployment rates falling to their lowest since 2008, the chances are much higher that your ideal candidate is already in a role elsewhere. As a result, recruiters are turning to passive candidate searches to bolster the chances of filling a role. So what are the best ways to approach passive candidates? No Hard Sell Make sure that, before introducing… Read More ›

Older Workers – Are you Doing Enough to Recruit Them?

Good organisations will usually appreciate the benefits of having younger, fresh minds for moulding, alongside older, experienced industry professionals on their payroll. But are recruiters ensuring that hiring opportunities are equally as accessible to older professionals than they are to younger ones? A recent survey by the REC suggests that some of the most commonly used recruitment methods are falling… Read More ›

Five Top Tips For Recruiting Expats

With more and more Brits wanting to work abroad, and more companies wanting to recruit talent fresh from the UK, expat recruitment is a buzzing and growing market. Here are our top fail-safe tips for making it a success. Look Far and Wide The benefit of looking for candidates to come and work for you overseas is that location doesn’t… Read More ›