How Prepared Are You to Hire Recent Graduates?

According to a recent survey by Career Builder, 95% of UK firms have plans to hire recent graduates. However, a surprising 23% actually felt that universities adequately prepare students for the working world. Among the skills thought to be lacking were people skills, which 49% agreed were in shortage, as well as problem solving and creative thinking. These results suggest… Read More ›

How to Impress Your Candidates in the Interview

If the interview is a two-way process, then the interviewer should be taking steps to impress the interviewee as well as the other way round. There’s not a lot worse than losing out on an ideal candidate because they were unimpressed at the interview and took another job offer. So how can you ensure that your interview technique wins over… Read More ›

How to Avoid Clichéd Job Ads

Not only do your job adverts need to be engaging enough to stand out from any similar roles out there, they also need to be geared towards producing the best results for you. By best results, we are talking about quality not quantity here. Plenty of applications are only of use to you if they are actually suitable for the… Read More ›

Strength-Based Interviews – Should You Adopt the Technique?

Are you currently using the most effective interview technique? Interview trends come and go like the wind, but this one seems here to stay – at least for a while. The popularity of strength-based interviews has increased after a realisation that they help identify passionate individuals that share the same passions, values and interests as the company does, which therefore… Read More ›