Five Top Tips For Recruiting Expats


With more and more Brits wanting to work abroad, and more companies wanting to recruit talent fresh from the UK, expat recruitment is a buzzing and growing market. Here are our top fail-safe tips for making it a success.

Look Far and Wide

The benefit of looking for candidates to come and work for you overseas is that location doesn’t matter. They will be relocating regardless, giving you open choice of the entire UK candidate pool. This is a major advantage, as it means your search for candidates isn’t limited. Recruiters will often find that location can be their biggest pitfall when it comes to finding the right fit for a vacancy – especially in the UK – where recruiting outside of the major cities can be a challenge.

Offer Benefits

A huge pull factor for expats is the idea of moving to the location itself. The UAE, for example, with its impressive architecture, high temperatures and the cosmopolitan culture, is a hugely attractive place to live and should be advertised as being so. When recruiting expats, the role should be advertise as well as the lifestyle and other benefits that relocating will bring with it.

Emphasise Competitive Salaries

This leads us on to another major benefit for expats which gives UAE roles a huge edge over others. Income tax free salaries, as well as competitive salaries on the whole, is an excellent thing to emphasise to attract people to your vacancies. Doing the exact same role, such as teaching or sales, will earn a UK resident much more in the UAE than the UK. This should therefore be used to help attract people too your overseas vacancies.

Do it in Bulk

There can be extra expense attached to recruiting expats, including flying a representative over to interview them and the costs attached to helping them relocate to the country. It’s therefore wiser to try and recruit expats at once, to keep the associated costs down. Luckily, it’s easy enough these days for hirers to arrange interviews and assessment days etc. from overseas, planning everything advance. This helps organise the recruitment process and save time.

So with Britain  becoming more and more highly educated, and an increase of young millennial and more experienced senior professionals considering overseas opportunities, get in touch with the eRecruit team today to find out more about hiring expatriates.