Our Key Benefits


eRecruit Solutions believe that no two companies, candidates or recruitment campaigns are the same. Our team of expert consultants construct bespoke recruitment packages for our clients, taking into account important variables such as location, level of experience, salary etc., as well as more esoteric, specialist and personality requirements. This helps us generate the best possible results from each campaign. Our fully REC-qualified team write insightful individual job adverts geared towards attracting the right calibre of candidate(s) to each application.


You can avoid traditional high agency fees with eRecruit Solutions. Whether it’s paying a single candidate fee, a one-off fee or a payment solution that suits your recruitment needs, eRecruit Solutions makes recruitment, and especially high-volume recruitment, a walk in the park. We save our clients up to 60% on their existing costs.

eRecruit Solutions can save you money whether it’s recruiting for an individual candidate or multiple hires. A lot of our clients really experience how much we’re different compared to other agencies when they carry out multi-hire campaigns with us, i.e. if you work in a business with large staffing needs, like Call Centres or Customer Services industries. These businesses are prone to a high level of staff turnover, meaning that hiring can get pricey. Instead of taking advantage of this like some agencies do and price on the individual, here at eRecruit Solutions we produce one recruitment package that allows multiple hires; this means you can recruit as many candidates as you require for a one-off payment. eRecruit Solutions enable you to not only do multi-hire campaigns, but also continuous recruitment that can all be carried out at one set price. This gives you peace of mind on costs that can spiral out of control with more traditional recruitment agencies.


With access to our extensive contacts and network, online job boards (1800+) and social media platforms, we create intuitive job adverts for our clients that are seen by a huge number of potential candidates; eRecruit Solutions have the ability to access the vast majority of both passive and active candidates within the job market. This generates large numbers of applications and gives our clients a greater selection of candidates from which to choose from. eRecruit Solutions received on average 128 applications per vacancy last year, compared to the industry average of 24. Our online recruitment exposure capabilities allow us to advertise for roles at every touch point online, and internationally if needs be, leaving no stone unturned. This basically means we can find the ‘right’ candidate(s) that you require for your business’ needs.


To ensure the best results from each recruitment campaign, our in-house REC-qualified team manually go over each application, screening it thoroughly against the criteria set out by our clients. This means that eRecruit Solutions’ clients don’t receive any CVs that are irrelevant to them, just the best talent available. This saves recruitment teams a lot of valuable time and enables them to concentrate on other aspects of the hiring process like interviewing; it is also worth pointing out eRecruit Solutions can also help and offer free relevant and meaningful advice in terms of all aspects of the hiring process from beginning to end.

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eRecruit Solutions specialise in various sectors and here’s the full list:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Admin
  3. Advertising
  4. Aerospace
  5. Agriculture
  6. Arts
  7. Automotive
  8. Banking
  9. Building
  10. Call Centres
  11. Care
  12. Catering
  13. Charity
  14. Clerical
  15. Construction
  16. Consultancy
  17. Creative
  18. Customer Service
  19. Defence
  20. Digital
  21. Distribution
  1. Education
  2. Electronics
  3. Energy
  4. Engineering
  5. Environment
  6. Estate Agency
  7. Events
  8. Exhibitions
  9. Factory
  10. Fashion
  11. Finance
  12. Financial Services
  13. Fishing
  14. FMCG
  15. Forestry
  16. Fostering
  17. General Insurance
  18. Graduate
  19. Health
  20. Hospitality
  21. Human Resources
  1. IT
  2. Legal
  3. Leisure
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Logistics
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Marketing
  8. Media
  9. Medical
  10. Military
  11. Mobile
  12. PA
  13. PR
  14. Public Sector
  15. Purchasing
  16. Rail
  17. Recruitment
  18. Recycling
  19. Research
  20. Retail
  21. Safety
  1. Sales
  2. Science
  3. Secretarial
  4. Security
  5. Senior Appointments
  6. Service Industry
  7. Shipping
  8. Social
  9. Sport
  10. Supply Chain
  11. Telecommunications
  12. Tourism
  13. Training
  14. Transport
  15. Travel
  16. Utilities
  17. Venues
  18. Voluntary
  19. Warehousing
  20. Waste
  21. Wellbeing

In general, eRecruit Solutions have helped all the above key sectors in terms of online recruitment, but have also become renowned specialists in the below sectors for over six years:

Call Centre Recruitment

Typically call centres spend up to three times more than necessary on staff. That’s why call centres all over the country are using our online recruitment to cut costs.

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Sales Recruitment

eRecruit has years of experience in sales recruitment, giving a reliable, fast and cost-effective service to both candidates and employers.

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Direct Sales Recruitment

The ability to source numerous consumer facing, high calibre, tenacious candidates is essential in this sector. eRecruit Solutions offer a cost-effective service that will beat all others.

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Construction & Engineering Recruitment

Industries that require special skills sets need an agency like eRecruit Solutions who know how to find and secure key talent.

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Charity and Not-For-Profit

It is perceived difficult to get good candidates for this sector at a cost that works. eRecruit Solutions has the know-how for delivering in this sector.

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Fostering Recruitment

eRecruit Solutions has specialised in foster care recruitment since 2008, working with some of the UK’s biggest fostering agencies.

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Senior Exec Recruitment

eRecruit Solutions prides itself on knowing and having access to the key people in the industry that can make a difference to your business.

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Graduate Recruitment

It’s essential for business to secure the best of the next generation of talent. eRecruit Solutions work with the top 50 universities.

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Regardless of the sector you’re in, we’ve helped clients reduce high staff turnover, keep their hiring costs to a minimum and allowed them to maintain control over their hiring process. Here at eRecruit Solutions, we guarantee results as well as reducing your costs!

eRecruit Solutions offer an effective way of recruiting new staff and our packages enable companies to completely avoid paying for the traditional recruitment agency’s individual cost-per-hire model. eRecruit Solutions specialise in across the board, bespoke models that are tailor-made to suit each client, i.e. recruitment that not only suits their desired needs, but can save them anywhere up to 60% on their current costs. As experts in these industries we regularly run successful high-volume and continuous recruitment campaigns, as well as helping to recruit for individual vacancies.

If you’re interested in finding high quality candidates for a fraction of a typical agency price, come and have a chat to a member of the eRecruit Solutions’ team today to see how we can help with recruitment within your industry and see why we’re the UK’s leading online recruitment company!