If you work in a business with large staffing needs like call centres, customer services industries, etc., these industries are prone to high levels of staff turnover and a limited talent pool. With normal agencies this means high volume recruitment can get expensive and you do not always get the calibre of staff you need. Instead of taking advantage of this like some agencies do, here at eRecruit Solutions we produce one recruitment package that allows multiple hires; basically, as many candidates as you require. Continuous recruitment can be carried out at one set price, which is inevitably a lot less than what our competitors charge at traditional recruitment agencies!

Added to this eRecruit Solutions get 5.3 times* more candidates than the average recruiter, through our ability to access the majority of available and passive candidates in this area i.e. through our reach covering the biggest and best online recruitment sites, social media platforms and our extensive industry contacts, databases, etc. This means as well as an unbeatable price, we can ensure you get the right calibre and ‘personality fit’ when hiring candidates for your business; at eRecruit Solutions we guarantee both results as well as reducing your costs.

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* In 2013, eRecruit Solutions received an average of 128 applications per vacancy, compared to the industry average of 24. Statistics gained from Broadbean’s UK Recruitment Trends Report of 2013.

eRecruit Solutions, Simple Process

  1. 1. Initial brief

    A full and detailed brief about your opportunity, company and style will be taken so we can find the perfect candidate(s) for your role. The brief is put together from and tailored to your needs, requirements and timeline, not ours, and will be both safe and confidential.

  2. 2. Bespoke campaign

    Every company and their roles, requirements and budgets are different. Therefore unlike other recruitment agencies, eRecruit Solutions tailor-make our campaigns to suit our clients’ needs, requirements, timelines and budget, not the other way round.

  3. 3. Online Enhanced Advert

    eRecruit Solutions will compose a bespoke winning advert for you, to target the most relevant candidates. This can be updated as and when needed, to remain fresh and compelling throughout the duration of the campaign.

  4. 4. Exposure

    eRecruit Solutions source candidates for your role from a huge network covering our vast database of contacts and registered CVs, major CV databases, social media platforms, 1800+ online recruitment sites, etc. Which means we reach the widest audience possible, with access to the vast majority of candidates within the job market; this is why eRecruit Solutions receive 5.3 times* more applications than other recruiters.

  1. 5. Meticulous thorough search

    As mentioned above eRecruit Solutions cover the vast majority of active candidates within the job market, but it is also worth noting – there are even more ‘passive jobseekers’ who register their CVs online and wait to be approached. Our highly experienced REC-qualified team approach both passive as well as active candidates directly, in order to find the right candidate(s).

  2. 6. Personal & Individual Candidate Screening

    Every applicant will be screened individually and personally by our REC-qualified team, meaning you will only receive suitable candidates for your role(s), who are an exact match to your requirements and company’s personality. eRecruit Solutions go the extra mile to find the right candidates, rather than make up a candidate list of what’s available.

  3. 7. You’re in control

    You will receive a shortlist of the best candidates for your job opening/opportunity as well as all the help and advice you ask for. eRecruit Solutions are not here to ‘sell’ to you, just to help you deliver on your hiring objectives. Your success is our success.

  4. See how it works

    Play Video

    Watch our short video for an in-depth explanation of our recruitment process and why eRecruit Solutions is starting to be recognised as ‘the’ leading online recruitment organisation.

* In 2013, eRecruit Solutions received an average of 128 applications per vacancy, compared to the industry average of 24. Statistics gained from Broadbean’s UK Recruitment Trends Report of 2013.