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Frequently asked questions: ‘What are the key facts to consider in terms of securing the right talent?’

1. Plan:
Look at how your personnel infrastructure fits within your current and future strategy. Always work backwards from the latest you need someone to start and how this affects your current set up, budget and requirements. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

2. Know what you want:
It seems obvious to say, but be clear on what you want and when. Surprisingly, it happens quite often where other departments, teams and hiring managers have a different perspective on what’s required in terms of a new employee(s).

3. Modus operandi:
Work with your hiring team and managers to make sure you have a process that…
Ensures all the interviewers are available during the hiring process
You have a consensus on what’s required and when
You have the key questions you need to ask, and by whom
You have a set and agreed job description
You know the personality that suits the business not the individual

4. Strike while the iron is hot: 
A speedy response to a candidate always helps, whether this is by contacting them after receiving their CV, arranging an interview with them, offering them a position, or organising a start date. This will maintain the candidate’s interest at all stages and could be that extra factor that gets them working for you, not your competition.

5. Sell yourself & your business:
Interviews are of course a two-way process, so do everything in your power to promote you and your business in a positive light. A negative connotation or comment in an interview can leave the wrong impression and may be off putting to the candidate.

6. Quality, not quantity: 
Never say yes to all the CVs you think are right, or agree to interview too many candidates. It’s best to be selective, as the saying goes: ‘Sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees’. New candidates become employees and are integral to your business, so it’s essential to find the right candidate with all the attributes you need.

eRecruit Solutions love working with our clients on an exclusive basis whenever possible, giving you one point of contact for your recruitment needs, and letting us do all of the hard work for you. The more time you save in your recruitment process (as opposed to doing all of the searching yourselves or working with numerous agencies), the more time you’ll have to do what you do best – running your business.

7. It doesn’t cost the world:
You get what you pay for; you pay peanuts you get monkeys. We’ve all heard this saying, so never spend all your money on recruitment fees at the expense of offering a competitive salary to attract the right calibre of candidate.

The service eRecruit Solutions offer to our clients leaves them with more control and saves them a vast amount of money compared to advertising themselves or paying a traditional agency to find people for them. Typically, agency fees are a huge expense – let us eliminate that for you!

8. First impressions count: 
Your business will be judged by your candidates within seconds of a meeting. We strongly recommend taking the time to ensure their first impressions are of a professional and happy working atmosphere. A smile and confident handshake from whoever is meeting the candidate is a must. Simple things like making sure the magazines in your reception area are the most up to date can make a real difference when looking to attract the highest quality of person to your business.

9. Keep an eye on the market: 
Make sure you know what your competitors pay their staff, and try your best to offer a competitive package. Most switched-on candidates will know what they are worth.

10. Induction:
The first 3 months are key for both parties, there’s no point in spending valuable time and resources in securing the right candidate(s) only to lose them in the probationary period.

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