Why Jobseeking is Becoming More Like Tinder

Woman Reading Text Message On Bus

The concept of Tinder has always been a bit like recruitment. You make a judgement about a person’s suitability based on a limited amount of information they’ve provided about themselves, and you both need to have an interest in each other in order for the relationship to develop any further. It therefore seems odd that it has taken this long for someone to develop a Tinder style app for jobseeking.

SelfieJobs first launched in Sweden in 2014 but now has been launched in the UK. The concept is straightforward – users create a profile that includes a condensed version of their CV and even a video pitch of themselves if they wish. They can then browse vacancies and apply for jobs with a single click just by pressing ‘like’.

Recruiters also have the option to chat with candidates via SelfieJobs in order to find out more about them and arrange interviews in person.

It’s safe to say this app massively speeds up the process for jobseekers – allowing them to create a single profile and browse more vacancies faster. It especially appeals to younger jobseekers who tend to do more of their job searches on the go. However, with candidates applying to more jobs than before – the impact of SelfieJobs for recruiters could be that the competition to secure the best candidates really heats up.

It could also be a game changer in the way that candidates and recruiters present themselves. Without the ability to complete individual applications, candidates will have to make sure their profiles are geared towards the type of role they wish to secure through SelfieJobs.

Likewise, recruiters will have less space and time to present a vacancy and make it appeal to the right type of audience.

Regardless, with over 10,000 people already registered, SelfieJobs seems to be quite an instant hit.