Would you reject a candidate based purely on their email address?


According to a study by the Department of Social Organisational Psychology, recruiters are much more likely to reject a CV with an informal or inappropriate email address, even when the credentials match those of a CV they would follow up.

The researchers created fictional CVs with combinations of formal and informal ones, and reviewed the differences in how the recruiter assessed the candidate in general. Those with formal email addresses were generally ranked higher.

Of course it’s not the email address itself that presents a problem – it’s what it says about the candidate. Are they being organised in their job search? Do they want the job badly enough? Will they know how to act in a professional environment? These are all important factors in making a decision to take an application to the next stages.

With a large response and an influx of applications, it can be a lot easier to reject on the basis of inappropriate email addresses as it quickly whittles down the pool of results. Also, it’s likely that a good candidate worthy of interview stage will have long ago considered a professional email address for their job applications.

In the current recruitment market, candidates need to possess the full package, which includes the finer details like contact details.